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If my personal idiosyncrasies draw scornful thoughts and remarks from others it becomes their issue, as it will hurt them more than it does me. Idiosyncracies are flags of character, don’t you think?

Now that I am a while past the three-score and ten mark I feel I have earned the freedom to enjoy my idiosyncrasies and funky dress.

Sometimes the other side of the custom coin is greed and vice.

I think it is important for all of us to dream of wonderful things happening in our lives; equally important is to be grateful for what we have, whilst we wait for these to eventuate. We all have lives, we don’t all live them.

I found that many things that I wished for, came to pass, but then so did many of those that I feared.

Dynamic Flexibility

A snippet from a cool blog site.

We are always evolving. Our daily circumstances change all the time. Every day is different. That is why our idiosyncrasy must be approached with dynamic flexibility. We should never be too structured nor too spontaneous. Imagine a river with two banks. On one side you have structure and on the other spontaneity. Our job is to make sure the river doesn’t flood on one side. Too much structure and you become rigid. Too much spontaneity and you wind up in chaos.

In the context of a family, this means you need to adapt all the time. You have your ideal structure for the day and your perfect bookends. But then life happens. You don’t sleep well and miss your morning routine. Your daughter throws a tantrum and you lose your calm. The truth is things will never go as we want them to. We have to accept reality and see how we can navigate it. After all, as Dan Siegel says “flexibility is the hallmark of healthy beings”.

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