Experiences-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


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I have had immeasurable experiences over the years of my life. And as I reflect on these I realize none of them were ever the same. As a result, they taught me, that each of my experiences, no matter how small, were of individual significance.

Accepting responsibility for all that takes place in my life has been a game-changer for me.

I marvel that I have and always will have a choice as my primary option. And the rest is a matter of follow-up.

As with the stars in the universe, so are the abundant benefits that pour into my life; most of these I experience, without being aware they have even entered my life.

The Value of Life Experience

The value of experience in life is priceless, you would agree, I’m sure. In addition, what is just as crucial is applying what you have experienced into the way of your living. And of next importance is sharing your beneficial experiences with others. Next, we must carefully check our experiences before applying them, both in our lives and the lives of others. For instance, using and sharing negative experiences can lead to unnecessary fear. If you don’t apply your experiences to the way you live, the negative ones will create fear within you, and the positive ones remain tucked away in your subconscious. As you become older, they become less retrievable and less able to be applied or shared.

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