Heart-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Photo by Paolo Gregotti Upsplash.com

My heart is a powerful pump and also the seat of my emotion. And more than this, it gives me wise advice and guidance.

I marvel that my sub-conscientious is filled with a huge amount of beautiful creative ideas. They peep out from behind the door of my mind, waiting to be called into their being.

I never start anything with a view to seeing the end. Rather I start something with a view to tasting its development along the way. If the end was important what would I experience on reaching the end? Only ‘The End,’ of course.

For me, the beginning of any undertaking I have is the most important part; as without the beginning there will be no end, but once I have begun, I focus on enjoying every moment of the process. I do not give the end any thought. The process is the heart of the matter.

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