Joyful-Wisdom Snippets From Peter.


Feature Photo by Kolby Milton

My life was given to fashion as I will. Many of those around me do not have the will to make for themselves a joyful life and beg scraps instead. There are the few who sit at the captain’s table and enjoy the meal, having a joyful life. The choice is mine.

All my life, as sure as the sun rises, I have lived with effects. But the lesser-known to me were the causes. Yet, I am comfortable in my skin (it fits well) so who cares?

I see each day as absolutely brand new, with different elements flowing in from all directions. If it were not so, my life would be intensely dull, don’t you think?

Fear of what others may say or do used to rule my life. So I broke out of that prison and now I hold the say and do key. What a relief – I am a completely different person.

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