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Feature Photo by Annie Spratt

My Supercoach explained to me: time in the valley of hardship and tears is but a brief moment as you travel to the mountaintop. Look up and see the towering peaks. They call out to you, “Do not be slowed in your travel by your tears, we are waiting for you.”

I was wondering if there was a person who pushed the buttons and pulled the levers in my life. I had a better thought; what about a person who set a program in place which solved unlimited ‘What ifs’ in my life. I’m sure you’ll agree, it would be labor-saving.

I love meditative prayer. It’s a place where I keep company with nobility.

I understand when I share the blessings given me with others, I become part of the abundance of the universe. In the measure in which I give, it is given to me. The universal principle is worked on a ‘give and receive’ basis and no human has ever outgiven the universe.


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