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With my intelligence, I have authority. Yet, it has no power without my wise management.

While I search for self-development and learning, my higher discovery has been how to apply my fertile imaginativeness.

I cannot change my after-life destiny, but I’ve enjoyed many years improving my present life.

For me, it is an immense wealth to be of helpful service to my fellow humans. For me, it is far above fame and fortune.

I understand that authority is this: The authority on (on a particular matter.) And the authority to do (something.)

Like most of us, I was taught authority by my parents, teachers, and the workplace. My father was the head (I date back many years ago) my mother followed. The order at school, was headmaster, teachers, prefects. Work, the MD, department head, and line manager. These were all people who had to manage my life, learning, and productivity.

Not All Authorities are Authorities.

Among some were authorities on various aspects of management, learning, and productivity. Not all those who of my authorities were authorities in specific subject matters.

The Function of Authority

My line manager was an expert on chemicals, as he was a qualified chemical engineer. At the same time, he issued me instructions on what work I was to do. He also appraised my performance. Finally, he coached me on how to refine this performance.

True Authority

My favorite teacher was my English master. Employed to teach me but also with a Ph.D. in English. He was a specialist in all aspects of the English language and an excellent teacher; he had a command of the English language and a respect for his students. This master never demanded respect; it simply came to him.

Proper authority is invested in us, and how wisely and respectfully we use this is our choice.

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