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Focus on Morality

Is Humanity served by high social graces, with low morality? Is it not better to have high social graces, with compassion for those who suffer; and have high morality as well? I wonder.

I learned in my life if I delay any decisions they go dimmer with the passing days. My decisions are much more effective when applied immediately.

If you believe that you are a created being, you should also believe that, in turn, your purpose in this life is to create. All of us are creative artists in one form or another. Some will paint, some write, others singing or acting. There are those that serve others in many differing ways. There are those that manufacture, farm, and countless others. What do you create?

I spent much time trying to find myself. Once I saw the futility of this exercise and, on the counsel of another, I took a new tack. Standing in front of the mirror, I addressed myself as follows: ‘From today, I am going to create a new person out of you.’  The results have been so encouraging

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