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Be A Visionary

I was a visionary from young, however in my earliest youth, I was not aware of the fact. Now that I have become aware of being visionary, it explains why I have failed so many times.

The trees bend in the storm, because they know they will stand erect once again, when the storm has left. Bend when you need in life’s storms, but stand erect soon as possible.

I have begun to wonder, has the word ‘motivation’ in all its forms become overused? In my case if I wanted to achieve or change something in my life, I would simply  desire it and dream it was mine. Hey-ho, it became so.

As a youth, I was very religious and went to church every day. I went because I was told God was in a box on the altar and I was very keen to meet God. The day dawned when I had a close encounter with God and was grateful to learn God was not in a box on the altar but within me; on that note I gave up on looking and began to enjoy what I have. I have never looked back since.

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