Grief-Peter’s Quote for The Day.


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Deal With Your Grief.

Grief has been a visitor to my life more times than I can honestly say I am comfortable. I found from my childhood recollections, the night was the worst; fear was my frequent antagonist .Now, in the experience of my adult life, the same antagonist visits at all times of the day and night. My comfort was coming to know that the antagonist has only one stage on which to perform – my mind. It is my mind that carries my loss, my loneliness, my grief. I decided; the stage of my mind belongs to me, I am sole director of all productions on this stage.

The antagonist is now barred from all performances. Besides, what the antagonist never told me was: “This too shall pass, and the best is yet to come.” A wise person once said to me. Don’t push your grief away, you must deal with it. I marveled at those words, but as is so often the case, I forgot to ask how this was done. Just at that point, the words of Eckhart Tolle came to my mind, “Observe the thought, then let it go .” Whenever a memory (a thought) about the beloved ones I’ve lost, comes into my mind, I observe it (even to the point of shedding a tear, or more,) then I let it go. Not only is this practice a relief, but it has also become a pleasant experience too.

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