Peter’s Quote for The Day- The Sun Has NoSorrow.

Feature Photo by Kelly Sikkema

The Only Trustyworth Shadow Comes From The Sun.

Have you ever stood on an early winter’s day, before the sun has reached its Zenith, and noticed you have a shadow? Did you also see, once the sun does get to its Zenith, your shadow slips away? I have often observed these interesting frolics of the sun. Did you notice something about your shadow? It moves wherever you do. I made a remarkable discovery. While my shadow is visible at certain times and other times it slips out of sight, It never leaves me. Because it is my shadow, not belonging to anyone else. But, there is a more sinister shadow that enters my life now and again. This shadow is named Sorrow. Of course, it has other names, too; depression, rejection, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, to mention just a few.

Whether the sun shines or not, this shadow is invisible. It never appears or disappears. It is an intruder on my life, although it never comes into my life uninvited. When conditions are favorable to this intruder, it taps on my mind and says, I have something to give you, and it’s entirely free.

My interest is piqued, and I respond, tell me more. As it is often said, ‘The rest is history.’

A sage counselor of mine warned me, “John be cautious, Sorrow, is not your shadow; it does not belong to you. You invite guests into your life but throw intruders out. Never entertain Sorrow; throw it out the door of your mind.”  “What shall I do then; try and be happy?” I questioned. “You can never try and be happy because happiness is a result of your state of being.” The counselor responded. “Become aware of your authentic self, the person inside you, untouched by all the spin-offs of life’s misfortunes, then happiness becomes your bedfellow, and you eject Sorrow.”

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