Famous Author Quotes-JM Coetzee on Teach To Learn.


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“He continues to teach because it provides him with a livelihood; also because it teaches him humility, brings it home to him who he is in the world. The irony does not escape him: that the one who comes to teach learns the keenest of lessons, while those who come to learn, learn nothing.”

― J.M. Coetzee. (Nobel Prize Winner in Literature.)

Teaching others was the love of my life; I discovered, in teaching others I became masterful in my subject matter. Many of those that I taught unfortunately never learned. I often wondered why they came to the teaching sessions. There were those, that did learn, but never applied to their lives. I am grateful for those that did learn, applied and in turn, taught others. Then there were those that learned, taught others, and raised teachers among those. This was my truest blessing, grand-students! I have always believed that a true teacher is a teacher that raises a teacher among their students, who also raises a teacher. The cherry on the top for me is, I have lived to see it come to pass.

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