Weekly Words of Wisdom-Dying too Early.

Grey Jacket

Feature Photo by Hardini Lestari Upsplash.com

Are You Dying Before Your Time?

Am I dying before my time? Once I commuted through traffic for an hour to arrive at my job in time for the 7.30 clock-in. Dressed in a grey jacket and tie and carrying my lunch in a briefcase, I tried to look important. Yip, I paid the price for resisting change offered to me on a plate by the universe. I never received any reward for fighting change in my life, only the prospect of growing old and dying before my time. You ask,” Is it possible to ‘die before one’s time’?”

I found out that I could quickly die before my time by dying before I died! I’m serious. Think about it; there must be a large community of souls whom we could term the ‘living dead.’ Those poor people whose daily activity is to exist. They have no hope for the future. (these are not limited to any age group.) I certainly was one of those.  In my life, the turnaround was when I was willing to accept all manner of change put across my path. Large or small. In other words, change, becoming a lifestyle for myself. Would you believe this: I have become younger?

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