Wisdom Snippets From Peter-Loving Life


Feature Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska Upsplash.com

Five Wisdom Snippets To Help You love Life.

I have discovered that I learn so much more when I keep my mouth Shut. With my mouth shut, I am considered wise and loving.

I have a wonderful life as I take ownership of the hurdles I encounter journeying forward. These hurdles don’t belong to anyone else, they are mine. As a result, I am the master of my own destiny, having been given this mandate by God within me. I have truly found a loving life.

Each day brings new opportunities into my life and I am discovering how to identify them

Never whinge; winging is like bad breath – creates a poor image of oneself. Another thing, I never explain myself to others, it seems like a fruitless pastime to me.

I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes. Working from my shoes only limits my true perspective.I think the journey of my life is like climbing a mountain, along the climb there will be brief rests; I welcome these, but I must never linger there. To do so, would mean I will delay reaching the summit.

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