Weekly Words of Wisdom – Weather.


Feature Photo by Wim van ‘t Einde Upsplash.com

What’s it like out there today?

The country in which I live, most people I greet, respond by commenting on the weather. “It’s a good day today”, or “Bad weather we having today.” or “We are having too much rain.” to mention a few. I then realized it is futile to engage these comments for certain reasons.

The Universe is Self-Controlled

Firstly the Universe, to the best of my understanding, is a self-controlled system (no one is flicking switches or pushing buttons.) It does what is required to sustain life on Earth at the precise moment and location necessary. (I can’t speak for what happens elsewhere in the Universe, as I have no idea.) This will include seasons, temperatures, night and day, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, tsunamis, and so on.

The Universe performs what is necessary at the time it is needed

Secondly, who is to say that the “bad weather” I am experiencing today isn’t performing its duty of maintaining the balance of nature in my area and creating a ‘butterfly effect for weather elsewhere? (as it may have been performed on many occasions before there were meteorological records.) With this in mind, I’m convinced that all weather is firstly just perfect for what the world needs at this moment and secondly, it’s absolutely spot on time!

I Liken the Universe to my Body

The function of the universe could be likened to my body. The universal control, being my brain and the rest of my mind and body components being the galaxies that populate the vast stellar sky. Nothing happens without my brain. Its function is completely automatic. For this reason, I can safely go to sleep at night, knowing that my brain continues its work. It does so perfectly, performing necessary functions at precisely the correct time. Can you think of anything to compare with these two magnificent systems? Now I have an inkling of how the universal system works I love my days and whatever weather they bring. With this attitude, my life is uncomplicated and I am always happy.

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