Weekly Words of Wisdom – Are You Good.


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Are You Good?

It is said, “Only the good die young.” I didn’t die young, so on the premise of this statement, I’m not good. But I’m OK with that. Being ‘not Good.’ that is. I have no idea what the word ‘good’ actually means as it is not in my dictionary. Seriously though, I read that over some 475 years, life expectancy has grown from 34 to 81 years in England. So what does this tell me, there must less ‘good’ people in England today? By the way, I have a deal with my creator; to live up to 120 years and die in sound body and mind. People ask, “Who wants to live to be that old?” I reply, “me.” “Why?” they question. “Because I love my life on this earth and I want to experience as much more of it as possible,” I reply. “Come to think of it, you don’t look your eighty years; you don’t look a day older than sixty, to what do you attribute this condition?” They continue. “My soul is well and so my body follows suit,” I respond.

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