Weekly Words of Wisdom – Thought Discipline.


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Thought Discipline.

The home of my thoughts, my mind, is what fashions my life. If I give my mind control, it will shape my life. This means I must be the one who controls my mind. I accomplish this by disciplining my thoughts. This process effectively gives me control in my mind and thereafter in my life. It would be fair to ask, how do I discipline my thoughts? For me, awareness of what was happening in my mind came first. I was able to accept that my emotions came about because of the thoughts I was having. These were concerning certain incidents occurring in my life. I relax my mind by taking say, ten deep breaths.

I Continue The Process:

After this, I establish awareness of the thoughts and their relationship to the specific incident. I create awareness by confirming the emotion I was experiencing was due to my (thought) reaction to the particular incident. Let’s take a practical example: A cashier at a till point is rude to me. I think, this person should not be talking to me in this manner, I will report them. As a result of this thought, I become angry. Using the process above I think; this person is tired, probably overworked, and more than likely, poorly paid. I’m pleased I do not have to do their job. The emotion I feel is compassion. I am now in control of my mind – and my life. I was not able to practice this discipline until I had embraced the following sequence to still my mind.

  • Firstly, I use the breathing technique above.
  • Now I create awareness of mind control via thought. (Telling myself that whatever I allow my mind to think will result in an emotion.)
  • Next, I practice the discipline of changing thoughts when confronted by an upsetting incident. (I do this before I react to the upsetting incident).
  • Finally, I walk away from the incident and do not entertain any thoughts regarding the event.

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