Peter’s Quote for the Day – Fire.


Fire of Refinement.

Strangely enough, gold is not in a pot at the end of the rainbow but is found in the furnace of life where it is being refined. You and I, the supreme creatures in the universe, are the unrefined gold. Nothing in the universe requires the furnace of refinement, except you and I. Makes you wonder about our purpose on earth, doesn’t it? I am deeply grateful to those in my life that gave me support and encouragement. Certain of these kindled in me a fire to walk a road of self-development. This is an interesting road, inasmuch as it has no final destination! In addition, it is a means of refining my character. As time has passed and I’ve accomplished both small and large achievements, my confidence has grown. I do not undertake a project with the end in sight, but rather, enjoying each step along the way. Step by step my foundation is strengthened and my confidence soaring. Hey-ho, before I know it, my project is complete. One down and a limitless amount of others to take on.

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