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In recent times, as the topic of friendship has been raised in my company, I have begun to question, in my own mind, what it means to have friends.

I’ll tell you why. Over the very long span of my life, I have had very few friends. By my definition, friends being those people to whom I’m am close, people I love, and make connections regularly. Yet, if I use this definition, I realize that all of these terms apply to my own family members. (I have a very large family and extended family members – and it grows by the year!)

With all of this now, it begs the question – what are friends? Over the years I have made many, many acquaintances (I am quite clear on this definition.) None of these, however, would fit the description of ‘friends’ as the generally accepted definition of the word goes. I have often heard the statement, “She/he is not just my wife/husband she/he is also my friend.”

From this, I glean that family members and partners can also be friends. This makes me feel much better now, as far as friends are concerned and certainly broadens the scope for me.

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