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Changing Habits

I have always resisted any form of change. As time has passed, I have realized that change is a constant in my life, whether I like it or not. Resisting change is a habit I have had for more years than I can remember. Try though I may, I could not break this habit.

I was under the illusion of believing that so-called change involved only the bigger developments in my life, not incidental, moment-to-moment happenings.

There are myriads of annoying little incidents that take place in my life. A neighbor’s yapping dog, someone playing excessively loud music, a person being rude to me. All these are annoying, to say the least. But why am I so affected by these events? Because they are challenging me to change my bad attitude habit.

After reading much of Eckhart Tolle’s works, I began to wake up to the fact that the pain I felt in resisting change was from my habit, not the challenge of change.

He also speaks about ‘conscientiousness’ and the importance of living in that state. I now practice this throughout my day. I discipline myself to focus through the course of every activity I’m engaged in, no matter how small.

Reading Tolle’s information has had miraculous results for me.

I live in the now moment. I contend with my old habits of resisting change. I’m continually aware that my habits create my pain, not the challenge of change.

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