Weekly Words of Wisdom


Dancing Trees

Along my life journey, I bend very often in confronting issues I face. I do this as the better option to resisting these issues. I learned this from the trees I see every day outside my window. When a storm moves in with all its ferocity, high winds blowing at an alarming, speed, hail and rain pelting down; what do the trees do? They bend with the wind they bow to and fro, looking as if they are clapping their branches and swaying in a rhythmic dance with their companions.

Are they afraid of the lightning strikes, the booming thunder, the howling winds? No of course not, their branches open wide to welcome the storm, this is their brief moment to be swept into a dance with their peers, for, in a short, while the merriment would be over and they will stand rigid once more, having lost a few leaves that flew away in the excitement, raindrops hanging like diamond jewelry from their leaves and boughs. Already they await the next storm to come their way.

The trees have taught me to welcome the storms of my life; bend, sway, dance and clap my hands, lose some old issues in my life, welcome the diamonds of opportunity left behind from the storms; above all to declare my gratitude for the benefits I will gain from welcoming the storms!

Featured Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes. Upsplash.com

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