Weekly Word of Wisdom


Importance of Advice

brown spider on web in close up photography
Photo by Leni Thalin on Upsplash

In my life advice, mostly not asked for, has arrived frequently on my doorstep, and often in the nick of time. All too often it hails from the strangest quarters. I’m not alone in this unusual process; Robert the Bruce of Scotland was licking his wounds in a cave after being defeated by the British Kings six times. A spider, seeing his quandary, offered him some advice. “This is how it works,” said the spider, who then proceeded to climb to the roof of the cave. Six times the spider climbed and fell, on the seventh attempt, she succeeded. “Off you go now.” said the spider waving goodbye. Robert, who was known for being quick on the uptake, rushed out the cave and in his seventh battle with the British Kings, sent them packing. He landed up getting himself a gold crown and ruled Scotland for twenty-three years. By the way, a spider advised me to write this piece. (I’m being serious.)

Feature Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Upsplash

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