My Authentic Self

My life is what I made it to be, but my life has not made me, because me is my true authentic self!

My soul made visible to all around me is my authentic self. A transparent soul is my perfect gift to the world around me.

I was enslaved to fear in its many forms and searched for freedom from this prison. One day I found freedom, alongside fear, in the one place I never before looked – both were in my mind!

From very young, I had learned fears of many sorts: failure, rejection, abandonment, and poor self-image to name a few. Unknowingly I developed a defense system against these in my mind. I made up all manner of stories about my life and who I really was. Many of these thoughts in my mind, I acted out physically and as a result, I behaved in a ‘larger-than-life’ manner.

In my adult life I surrounded myself with people and material wealth as a means of proving to myself and others that I was someone that I wasn’t; a typical ‘Walter Mitty,’ probably best described my behavior. This conduct had disastrous consequences in the end.

Many years later I was to discover the difference between who I perceived myself to be and the real me. How I saw myself was not who is really was.

The real me is a person, who is untainted by his upbringing, or his life experiences. In reality, the authentic me is a courageous, peaceful, self-assured person of integrity. He fears nothing because he has no understanding of the word, ‘fear.’

I understand, by what the Guru’s say – we all have an authentic self, deep within us – waiting to be discovered.

When I discovered my true identity, the experience was exhilarating, my true identity was absolutely authentic, it needed no burnishing! On that day I bade fear farewell and have never looked back since.

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