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Blame Game

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I hear others talk of ‘The Blame Game’ and it made me think. Surely, to lay blame on others and especially myself, is not only a fruitless but also damaging practice. If something happens in my life at this moment now, it immediately becomes past tense and as such, cannot be changed. It is done. Unless… I could time walk.

Researches say that in order to time walk, I have to find and enter into a wormhole. I have no idea as to the validity of this statement, but if it is true then would I be able to go backward and change things for the better, or will this run against the law of the Universe?

Considering the above, until I find a wormhole and understand the law of the Universe, I can’t change any action or words of mine done or spoken, even a nano-second ago. Hence it becomes fruitless to blame myself or others for something done or said in the past.

There’s more… to do something that is fruitless is one thing, to do something that is damaging is another; Something fruitless offers no gain, but the damage will need repair if it is possible. Psychologists say, in the realm of the human psyche, the repair is not always that simple to accomplish.

 Since I made this decision my breathing has improved! This being the case, It would be wiser for me resolving to remove the word ‘blame’ from my vocabulary and desist from anything connected to it.

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