Weekly Word of Wisdom

Alone in a Corner

When I was a little boy, teachers ridiculed me and I was often told to stand in a corner. I felt ashamed of myself;  then one day a kindly Angel took me, by the hand, to a mirror. “Look at yourself, you are beautiful, you need never be ashamed of yourself; besides if you don’t love you, how will you love others?” Life has been wonderful since the Angel came into my life and I left the corner forever!

The corner of a classroom is a place of shame and loneliness, if you choose to stay there, you will always feel guilt, shame and fear. The miracle is – you have a choice; stay of leave.

A little boy was in his class when the teacher announced, “Class, all stand in honour of our leader, Vladimir Lenin.” the class stood except Aleksandr. “Why are you not standing Alexandr?” The teacher screamed. “I don’t like him,” the boy whimpered. The teacher beat the boy unmercifully and taking him by the ear thrust him into a corner. “You will learn respect or else!”

The following morning the teacher made her announcement and all the class stood, including Alexandr. “So,” the teacher sneered, “You are learning respect yes?” The boy replied, “Teacher I am standing on the outside, but on the inside I am sitting.”

The little boy chose to stay out of the corner on the inside by standing for the leader on the outside.

All our best choices are made from within; this way, we live another day when its convenient to make other choices

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