Politics and Politicians

I read on a newsfeed, this comment: “Politicians are an evil necessity.” I looked up the definition of ‘evil’ in Merriam Webster and this is what it offered: “morally reprehensible sinful, wicked.

If I look at these four words I could come up with this conclusion: None of them are based on a law of any sorts, but rather more inclined to have their origins in tradition and custom. In certain institutions and organizations traditions are set as rules. In other words, if you wish to belong to a particular institution or group, you will be required to follow their rules.

The point I’m making is this: If Politicians are a necessary evil, it tells me that 1. Politicians are necessary in any Western style Government. I agree with this. 2. Politicians are inherently evil. Here’s my question: Who judges the evil state of a politician’s mind/activities? Are there laws set aside for the purpose of this judgement?

My own feelings about politicians are that they cannot be evil, because there are no laws dictating this statement to be legally based; only someone’s’ rules. In fact I’m best eradicating the word, ‘evil’ from my vocabulary as it has no purposeful meaning.

Here’s my next question: Is it right that I judge the character and activity of politicians ? Firstly, I can’t see any useful scope, in attempting to judge another’s character, furthermore, I’m simply not equipped to accomplish that; besides, what would I gain by doing so?

In the case of judging the activity of a politician, there is a little more scope. In other words I am free to judge any Politician’s actions on the basis of, “Is this beneficial for my community/country or not?” I will not engage in how I go about dealing with my assessment at this time, as that is a whole new ball game. Save it to say, whatever my judgement, I must take advice of some words of Wisdom, penned many millennia ago, which say “Obey the Government.” In the case of me, living under a Western styled democratic government, this makes sense. I, as part of the electorate put the Government into power, let me follow their laws. If I consider that these laws are not beneficial to myself and my fellow electorate, then there are legitimate ways of dealing with my dissension.

In conclusion I would say, Politicians are necessary for a Western styled democratic Government, with their accompanying warts and all.

Take the leap to comment, I personally respond to each.

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