Lockdown March 6 2021


How are all you wonderful fellow-humans coping out there in this seemingly endless lockdown pandemic (I don’t know which pandemic is worse, lockdown or covid)?

Dolly Parton is attributed to saying: “I can’t change the wind, but I can adjust my sails.”

I have a saying: “There are probably, at this time, some things I might be able to change with regards to Covid and it’s partner, lockdown. But there is a huge amount that I will never be able to change, no matter how I try. For the sake of my sanity, my choice of which I can and cannot change requires wise reasoning.”

I am happily sane because I made a few wise decisions.

person reading newspaper on table
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  • I am filtering the messages I read on social media, which do not involve me, my family, and friends personally.
  •  I am guarding myself from newsfeeds, sifting through their offerings very carefully.
  • I obey all instructions given me by our Government, without criticism or question.
  • My wife and I are reinventing ourselves in our lockdown state. Spending our time focusing on self-development programs, reading plenty of beneficial material; exercising and walking; meditating and praying.
  • We discipline ourselves to only speaking positively, because we have some idea of the fact that our tongues do not have a conscience, but they have a powerful effect on our minds. We remind each other of this when a negative word escapes this discipline.
  • We probably do a lot more, but the above will do for now.

Let me tell you something exceptionally interesting.

New Order of the Ages

In 1980, I was a Missionary, proclaiming the Gospel and Bible teaching. My focus was largely on Eschatology or ‘The End Times Study’ and the “Novus Ordo Seclorum.”(or “New Order of the Ages”)

At that time, the PC began to make its debut into businesses and homes and I heard it said that in the few years of computer development up to 1980, more knowledge was gained than all the preceding years, commencing from the start of human civilization. This meant life would be greatly accelerated from then on.

Now we spoke of ‘The mark of the Beast’ and the inability of people being able to do anything without that mark on their bodies.

I was largely scorned by most people for teaching this doctrine, but now I see it coming into place. Would the vehicle for this process be Covid and specifically lockdown? I have no idea and to me personally it is irrelevant.

I left the missionary world after 18 years for family reasons, but I often wonder about the teachings when I see developments around me.

I received a video today from an American (by the sound of his accent),  apparently working in Israel, who says the Israeli Government is introducing the ‘Green Card’ system. You have the vaccine; you get a green card. No green card no entrance to shows, restaurants and general gatherings etc. etc….

Israeli Green Card

He also said that all Israeli’s will have to be vaccinated every six months.

This is interesting; is this a forerunner of ‘Mark of the Beast?’ Frankly, I have no idea, if the above is even true or if this is The Mark.

More importantly, to me personally, it does not matter. As I said before, I will only change things that I am able to change and I will have peace about those that I can’t.

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