Dreams of a Wanna-Be Writer.

I always dreamed of being a writer and during the course of my later adult life many folks remarked that I should, ‘write a book.’ This was as a result of my having led an interesting life and the fact that I was a good story-teller.

Looking back, I realize that the expression, ‘write a book’ left me a little at sixes and sevens. This being because I did not know how to go about writing a book in the first place and in addition, what to write about.

There was no question; I had led an interesting life and yes, I was a natural story-teller, but how to put this, as I saw it, ‘dogs breakfast’ into a book, was beyond me.

My partner suggested that I should set up a blog-site and write blogs. That’s what I did and hey-ho I became a writer of short essays on various topics of interest!

After a publishing about a hundred blogs, I decided, quite without any planning, that I had sufficient material for a book of short stories. I set about organizing my works into a manuscript, did some research into publishing the book and decided to self-publish.

My Book 3 (3)
My First Book!

I found a few companies who accommodated self-publishing; they sent me quotes. I decided on one that offered, what I considered a worthwhile package. In addition, they offered a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system. I accepted to publish with them.

For someone who had never written a manuscript, let alone published it – this was an interesting experience. Nonetheless I came through to the day when my first hard copy was printed. I cannot describe the feeling of holding my book in my hand.

My publishing package included my book, both hard cover and e-book being uploaded onto Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords. In addition to this I was given a marketing manual with contacts for bookstores, libraries, and distributors.

Well, its early days yet and I have much to learn, especially about book-marketing. Daunting yes, but very satisfying and exciting!

Why not write a book?

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