Social Dilemma–A Reminder

Monika is wise. She sees the spooks hiding in the shadows, yet whilst she is pleasurably human about her findings, she displays no fear in revealing her warnings. For a writer to accomplish this, it is admirable, but to do so without a ‘know-it-all’ approach is refreshing indeed. Bless you Monika.

Monika R. Martyn–Author

Bales of prairie straw, though they look uniform, each is slightly different. Near Saskatchewan and Alberta border.

Despite arguing against it, most of us are affected, afflicted, and impacted by the internet and its child prodigy: Social Media. Even those who sneer at Social Media with disdain and refuse to surf the gigantic internet waves championed by AI forces, must submit that technology is a revolutionary tool destined to stay and there is no escape. Refute technology and progress if you will, but humanity is attached to the sticky substance of the web and is entrapped in the process. Blindly, yet willfully, we are maneuvered like puppets, and our shallow lives are starting to resemble those of Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984.

On the other side of our device’s screen, be it an Apple, or Google, or Smartphone, or Microsoft, someone is commanding how we think, move, shop, vote, eat…

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