Lockdown – Day Seventy One.

“The Giant Arises’

‘Humanity plans, but the universe orders the outcome of these plans.’

It is a most wonderful thing to realize that irrespective of what our governments put into place, only the universe will allow what is beneficial for all humanity, whether this is for today, tomorrow, or forever.

I live next to an airport; I think, as an ex pilot, that’s a cool place to have a home.

For the last five years, daily, I have listened to aircraft taking off and landing, all though the day.

These are mostly light aircraft and this tells me that there are folk out there fulfilling their dreams. Dreams of becoming private pilots, commercial pilots and those that might reach their ELPTP and Captain a mighty passenger carrying giant.

How wonderful, that young people might pursue these dreams!

The eerie silence that followed our country’s initiation of (one of the strictest)  lockdown procedures is such that, apart from the terrible blow to our economy was the deathly silence of the little airplanes, now  absent from the sky each day.

There is so much that is a buzz on news streams and social media which has lead me to a place of total distrust in what I see and hear media wise

Fortunately, I have been a business person for many years and as a result it is not difficult for me to understand what lies beneath that which is reported on media. The primary purpose of media is generating money, improving ratings etc.

The entire globe functions on the ability to trade. This trade is, in short, selling and buying. Today there is no limit to the vast list of commodities and services that are on offer. Marketing is the drive behind these.

Marketing skills have reached such a pitch that what is introduced into the market place today, is already out of date. Therefore, it becomes essential to outdo your competitor immediately – tomorrow will be too late.

The ‘pandemic of covid-19′ is extremely timeous. It had to come, if for no other reason than we have a world that is full of devastating issues that threaten the very existence of the planet. Whilst there is the horror of the results of a Covid-19, there is also an opportunity of making money and extracting fame  from the so-called ‘Pandemic.’

I don’t have to tell you this, but why don’t I just tell you anyway:

Global disease, poverty, hunger, pollution, nuclear warfare menaces, economic collapse…….you name it, the list is endless, are the threats we live with daily.

For many, many years now there has been conspiracy theories which center around a small but powerful group taking over the world and forming a ‘one-world government.’

I won’t make any comments on these theories save it to say, the only way I have found peace in these turbulent times is this: faith in my own philosophy.

I understand that there is a need for someone or some group to take control of global management in the interests of taking charge over the above dilemma.

However, unless this taking of charge is done with worldwide acceptance and peace, it will only follow the order of failure that has been attempted over millennia through the course of human history.

What then? Do we await the arrival of a group or person that will take charge of our global pandemic, or will our beautiful world disappear in a puff of smoke?

If you are like me, you will wish for the former.

It became apparent to me, when our President announced the first twenty-one day lockdown rules, and then later – the extension of this time period; I was helpless to do anything but, do what I was told.

Considering what was happening globally I began to think that our government was not acting on its own, but rather following instructions from world powers. Of course the nature of our lockdown, on the other hand, was decided by our Government. The most startling thing being decisions that were unconstitutional, being made by two individuals on the ‘War Council.’ These decisions, it was suggested by some commentators, as being personal ‘hobbyhorses.’ Once again, along with the rest of my countrymen, I was powerless to do anything but accept the status quo.

The other thing that became probable to me was the fact that our greater fear was not the virus itself, but the measures the lockdown would wreak on our economy.

At the time we had, due to lack of adequate testing facilities, weak statistics on the infection rate. However our death rate was fifty eight souls. Fear of what may eventuate as the disease spread, our economy was shut down.

Locked up in our home, I began to make use of the available time, as I, almost immediately lost fifty percent of my earning capacity. During the course of my investigating infectious/contagious diseases in South Africa, I came upon an interesting statistic: In 2017, 66,000 souls died as a result of contracting TB! Fortunately, our Government did not see fit to shut our economy down, simply allowing the disease to run its course.

But there’s more….our war council couple, amid warnings from the finance minister that our fiscus would lose billions during the lockdown period, went ahead, and banned the sale of cigarettes and alcohol.

Of course, the couple came up with some reasons as to why it was worth losing billions to the fiscus, in order that their decision could stand firm.

So, whose right and whose wrong? Honestly, I have no idea, But I do know that I am powerless to do anything about what the powers-to-be are telling me to do.

The only thing I know for certain is this: my philosophy, which carries me through every hour of every day, and has been doing so for many years now, will carry me thought this time as well.

As a result I am hopeful for the future and enjoy peace in my present – oh, and I sleep well at night.

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