Lockdown – Day 46



Politics is the breeding ground of the snollygoster politician.

Such breeding ground is not new to the universe, having originated in biblical times; its tentacles reach all over the world, no countries excluded.

It is driven by greed; but worse, it is the lust of humanity to exercise power and control over fellow humans. It is the worst and most dangerous virus in the world, having killed more humans than any plague in history.

Via the fear of a virus pandemic, we have been blinkered from seeing the real killer virus – a global economy ruled by snollygosters!

Its day 46 and as the promised ethos of my blog site is ‘encouragement’ I will continue in that vein.

I have learned a great deal from my lockdown experience.

First of all it has enhanced the personal relationship between my wife and me. In five years, we have enjoyed a solid union with negligible upsets.

Spending twenty four hours, seven days a week together, only leaving our home once a week to collect necessities and doing this together, it gives closeness a new meaning. Without question, not only has our relationship sustained the term, but itEileen 4 May16-20 has blossomed. We have the blessing of a two bed-roomed apartment with study and outside garden in a beautifully maintained secure complex; movement has not, as such, felt constricted.

We do not get up at five in the morning anymore – this has been extended to six thirty. We watch Netflix until nine in the evening, after which we read or go to sleep. Life has taken on a very much slower pace with far less stress.

We both decided to a embark on a study course, after our granddaughters offered to pay for half of our two courses. It is so stimulating; two seventy something oldies going back to school – we are having such fun with this!

Peter Blue Valley 2 (3)Prayer, meditation, and exercise are a daily start to our routine, with a walk around the complex, which ends with a view over the wall at our own natural small game park, consisting of rock-rabbits (who climb trees too) and a five-strong mongoose family.

We are both active communicators and seem to find much to discuss with each other; the results of which are often raucous laughter between ourselves.

We both find life exciting and interesting. My wife is a British lady, the ilk of whom love cooking, housekeeping, and laundering; now fully retired from her astute thirty year business career, she delights in caring for her man and her home (how blessed is he.)

I run a small home-based business and deal with our household maintenance, personal finances, and some IT issues.

Our life philosophy is; all our power, strength and hope comes from within ourselves, wherein inhabits our God. We never look backwards, living always in the now of each day. Whilst we plan forward, we never live forward, always living in this moment now. We do not tolerate negative speech in our company – none whatsoever!

Yes, we love each other in both the Agape and Eros sense; the hallmark of our relationship being that of respect – one for the other.

Peace reigns in our home, because we have come to understand that it is the only space where we can implement change and overcome any issues that face us. Outside our door, it is otherwise, for change is controlled by powers who make rules we must obey, even if it is not our wish; if we think it not wise to do so.

If ever these powers offer an opportunity for us to change them, then we hope for the courage to do so, if not, we allow our peace to accept the status quo; always believing that we will be wise enough to recognize the difference between what we can and cannot affect.

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