As something different this week, I am posting the work of two of the WhyWrite? course participants –

This is Vivi’s contribution – enjoy:

When I look at birds – I just KNOW that they were designed!  They couldn’t have ‘just happened’ – their ability to build nests, their songs, their colours, their lightness of weight and ability to fly are all wonderful proof of their Designer!

I did not know much about birds, except for a little budgie I had as a child, so I was pleasantly surprised when my oldest son, John, kept mice in a box, made a mask and jesses for the feet of an eagle he planned to catch!  He also made a bow with a strong net, to spring over the bird if and when it landed on the box of mice- and then he waited, every day, to catch his bird.

Suddenly, one day, not long after the mice were outside a yellow-billed kite came down to feed on the mice and John let down the bow!  Then he put the mask onto the kite’s head so that it wouldn’t be able to see to escape and also the jesses onto its feet.  He was so excited and overwhelmed that he had caught his own bird, a young yellow-yellow-billed-kite-5billed kite.  He held the bird up on his hand and the bird hung on, not being able to see how to get away.

Every day when he arrived home from school he would give his bird fresh meat and it was well fed and healthy.  He continued to spend his allowance on the bird’s meat until he felt it needed to fly away and find a mate, so with love and sadness, he let it go and at first it did fly away and then, every day when I drove John home from school, we would see his ‘yellow-billy’ waiting for him on the roof of the house!

When he was married and living in Cape Town he was able to help reinstate injured birds back to their natural habitat, by taking care of them until they were ready.  He was given a falcon as a token of thankfulness for his kindness and he and his falcon were inseparable, very good friends!

However, when his wife’s family invited them to Empangeni for a week’s visit, he had to get a bird-sitter and he asked a neighbour to feed his falcon every day.  She gladly helped by feeding it, but the falcon was unhappy that John was not there and managed to get out of the cage and flew away to find him!!!!

John was devastated when he was told that his falcon was gone and made a special trip back to Cape Town to find it!  Although he drove around the area he could not find it and it had not come back, apparently still looking for him!  He phoned me because his return flight to his wife and family was the next day. He told me that he was praying and asked me to pray as well and we did.

The Lord is compassionate and merciful and not only heard our prayers but wonderfully guided John to drive past a fence on which a falcon was perched – and he slowed down and stopped the car in case it was his falcon – and it was!  The falcon was just as pleased to see him and actually jumped into the car!

We are still overwhelmed and grateful for that wonderful answer to our prayers and we know that all of creation did not ‘just happen’ it was designed by the Creator of heaven and earth, our loving Lord whom we can call Father.  Aren’t we blessed?!

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