Why Write? – Part One

This is a Cost-free Course

With the background sketch out the way, (if you didn’t read the introduction, read that first, so that you can follow where we are going.)  let’s get down to the nitty gritty of – Why Write?

A smart place to begin is by posting a directional sign and this it is how it’s done:

  • Do I want to write from a place of personal gratification and pleasure only?
  • Do I want to write as a source of income?

If you choose point one, this series has your name on it.

If you choose point two, then run with the series and at the same time, start researching for sources that can guide you to, ‘How to make money from writing.’

It would be wise to mention here, that if you are looking to fine tune your present writing skills in terms of technical enhancement; for example:

  • Business Communication.
  • Presentations (e.g. PowerPoint).
  • Report Writing.
  • Surveys and Assessments.

The above list is never ending and this series will not cover these functions at all. However, always remember, as your creative skills grow, you will effectively enhance the above in terms of simple, effective communication.

Primarily, this series will help you to go about writing for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

In the broadest sense we can often enjoy doing something and not necessarily, after we have finished it, be satisfied. In other words after completing an article and having a sense of accomplishment, we are still not satisfied. How does satisfaction enter the picture?

Satisfaction comes about when you are able to pass the enjoyment you have experienced on to others and they respond positively to what you have written.

In attempting to reach others you will find yourself in a place where you have to get used to wearing two caps. Your writer’s cap and your, ‘Getting it out there’ cap. This is not as easy as it sounds, because you now become engaged in two differing skill sets. In other words a competent writer may not be an effective sharer (or marketer.)

Why is it important to ‘Get it out there?’ Because getting it out there is where your source of satisfaction begins.

Bear in mind; some of us are able to survive on our personal satisfaction alone and not seek for gratification from others – I’m not one of those. The saying goes, ‘Different strokes for different folks.” We should always be respectful in our attitude toward the choices of others.

Let’s work on the basis that you, like me, need some acknowledgement from others in order to keep you fired up.

You and I need, in this case, to ‘get it out there.’ How do we achieve this?

There are limitless ways; I will offer you a few:

  • Send you articles to family and friends by email. Focus on building a mail list right from the start – you will need this later.
  • Post on social media. Facebook is a good start.
  • Join or start up a writer’s group.
  • Set up a blog site (Not simple for start-ups – I will discuss this more fully, up ahead.)

This will do for now and I’ll take these options and explain how to go about setting up each one later in the course.

Purposely, I’m going to leave the ‘Getting out there’ project in order to focus on how we set about writing.

There are a couple of genres you may want to start with:

  • Short stories (Fiction or non-fiction).
  • Articles of community or national interest.
  • Poems

This list is also infinite, but it’s just a start. You’ll have to decide what interests you.

I have a philosophy about my writing:

  • I do not concern myself with what others would like me to write. What I write must come from my heart, no other place. I have a choice; I create or I compete. Writing what pleases me is allowing the creative force within myself to exercise its muscle. Writing for what pleases others creates competitiveness. Competing creates stress; the soil of stress does not always yield creative plants.
  • I set goals; never hard one’s, just those that I might easily accomplish. I monitor the goal accomplishments and then reward myself for doing so.

Earl Nightingale defined success in these words: “Success is the accomplishment of a worthy goal.”

I say, “You don’t have to write serious content, but you must be content to treat your writing seriously.”

Why? Because if you don’t you won’t finish what you started.

We will discuss basic writing in the next session, where I will take you through some simple processes.

Before I leave I have a little homework for you:

Write 200 words on why you would enjoy writing something (absolutely anything,) and would you like to, ‘put it out there’ in the future or not.

Once you have completed your article, mail it to whywritefun@gmail.com

After editing your article, I will return it to you. This is how you start to learn.

Resale, publishing and copying without owner’s permission is a breach of copyright.

All rights reserved©sirpeterjamesdotcom

 If you feel the content of this article beneficial, please share it with others. A simple selfless act of sharing can often bring about life giving changes in others.





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