Why Write? – Introduction

This is a Cost-free Course

I have decided to write this series to help myself and others, who have had a desire to write. When I say ‘write’, my expression covers a multitude of areas in the writing arena. Articles of interest, short stories, poems and yes, even novels!

I recall, from when I was a young lad at school, I had a desire to write. All through my rather interesting life, people asked me, “Why don’t you write a book about your life?”

I Made It!

Answering their question in my mind, the conclusion I came to was always this: ‘How, do I write a book?’

On looking back now, I realize that I didn’t need to start writing a ‘book’; to fire my passion, all I needed to do was, WRITE!

Before I continue, it might help my readers to know something of who I am.

I have been using a pseudonym, sirpeterjamesdotcom. The reason is simple enough, this is my blog site address.

Some years ago, I was ‘retired’ by the company I was working for at the time; given a month’s notice and my leave pay. Fortunately for me, who had no retirement provision whatsoever, I did not have time to wallow in self-pity; I had to get off my butt and do something or end up in the poor house.

How I progressed from there is another story, suffice it to say, a few years later,  a very special lady friend encouraged me to establish a blog site (she later became my wife.)

My first reaction was, “What’s a blog site?” She wasn’t too sure herself, only having heard the expression bandied about a few times.

We Googled ‘blog site’ and came up with a storehouse of information on; what blog sites are, how they work and much information on how to set a site up.

This too is a story for another time.

What blogging did teach me though, among many superb treasures, was this: I don’t have to write a book, at least, not to begin with. What I discovered is that out there in the wide, wide, world, there are gazillions of interesting things to engage in and of course, write about. Take a tour of blog sites and if you are not completely cross-eyed in a few minutes, you will realize that there are trillions of clever, creative people out there. Chances are they, like you and I, started off wanting to write about something!

What if you feel you have a heart full of beautiful creative thoughts and you don’t know how to put them down on paper? Maybe, you are not at all skillful at grammar, spelling or have no idea how to lay ideas out on paper?

Early in my writing experience, I adopted this approach: ‘Don’t think, just write. Don’t waste time over spelling and grammar, just write.’ By Why Write Pintrestexperience, I can guarantee, that in the high gear of unrestrained writing, creativity explodes!

How do we make a start?

I am going to publish a twice a month series, titled, “Why Write?” on my blog site. The specific purpose of this series is to encourage those, who have a desire to write, but have no idea how to do so unaided.

I am NOT selling any courses, collecting your personal details or pummeling you with advertising. If I can encourage one person to start writing about the jeweled thoughts in their heart, then I would consider my goal accomplished.

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Resale, publishing and copying without owner’s permission is a breach of copyright.


If you feel the content of this article beneficial, please share it with others. A simple selfless act of sharing can often bring about life giving changes in others.





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