Ye Espice Ilande

The Wisdom of Crusty Pirates.

It were in the yeare anno domini 1609, when that bold Captain Petre Jamese did seil his vaissel into ye Espice Ilandes, of Mollucos; there to seeke his fortune. For surely, mani were of the espices; notemyge, clufe and cinamone. Greate were wealthe of these to be had for those who were bolde to collecte.

Galleon in Bay
Ye Espice Ilande

Twas a faire daye when Captain seiled into ye bay. His crewe layed anka, after ye trusty vaissel quieted in stille waters of bay.

Captain Petre Jamese commanded a boat to shore in search of espices that he sought. Much time did pass. Then our hearts failed as we heard muskets booming.

By even men returned, fewer in number than before. Boat was loaded with barrels of espices. Men told Captain of much spices of every kind, but five men were pierced to their end by many spears of those who dwelled on ilande.

Captain commanded boat and two others to return and collect much espices, instructing them to bring with, clothes of those pierced by ilande dwellers.

Early in morn three boats departed. Captain and others awaited sounds of muskets, but there were none. Eventide boats returned; Boatswain reported ilande dwellers had fled, but men brought with, much espices.

The wise Captain did put a few of espices under foredeck in their barrels with clothing of those pierced. Many more did he place in lower hull, commanding ship’s carpenter to seal them there.

Along return sail they encountered a navy ship who shot cannon across their bow and boarded them. Their boarding officer called for spices. Captain Petre Jamese saithe, he only hath a few barrels as they were attacked by ilande dwellers. Captain shows them spice barrels and bloodied clothing of those pierced, placed under foredeck. The officers say, “This is the Moluccas; land belonging to His Majesty, The King of England.” Laughing, they take barrels of espices for themselves.

The officers command Captain Petre Jamese to depart and send them on their way.

Along the journie Captain saithe, “Me hearties, it is one matter to take from the Espice Ilandes, it is another to keep that which you took.” There was much laughter and merriment.

From thence they seiled for Brunei, where Captain Petre Jamese was known to Sheikh Brunei, Sultan of that land. Upon their entering that great port, Captain bound his crewe to secrecy concerning espices. Crewe did remain aboard, whilst Captain sought business with Sultan of that lande.

Captain was seen to instruct his crewe to raise anka and secure at dock, from whence the espices were taken to Sultan.

Sultan paid much gold to Captain, from which Captain gave a little gold to each of his men.

But crewe were greedy and saithe, “It was we that gave our blood whilst Captain remained aboard,” and they wished for all this gold. Lede by Boatswain they conspired with certain pirates in ye tavern.

Whereupon those pirates seized Captain on his ship and layed cutlass at his throat. But there were sounds of many footsteps on decke and behold Sultan’s men did slay pirates and those of Captain’s crewe.

Captain paid obeisance to Sultan that his life had been spared, and Captain Petre Jamese feasted for three days in the palace of Sultan.

Hence, Captain Petre Jamese doth say to his ship, “It is one thing to gather gold, it is another to keep it.”

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