A World of Difference

Garden of Paradise

Are we not fortunate to be living in a world where every single thing that is within and surrounding us is different?

Whether you choose humanity, flora, fauna, geography, seasons, time, weather and garden-of-paradisenatural phenomenon, you will see difference.

If this is not startling enough, then just be still and open your eyes, not only your physical eyes, but your mental eyes as well. You will come to see, after a while, that there is not only difference in everything, but there is absolute perfection in all the differences.

It is also very interesting to observe how we are always ready to accept these differences, without question, as being part of the creation we have been born into. Well that is, with the exception of three areas (there may be others of course).

One is humanity, the other is weather and the third is natural, phenomena. As humanity is the one in which I would like to focus the content of this article, let me begin with weather and natural phenomena first.

How amazing is the fact that every second, since creation, weather has always been different. For instance, it is said that every snowflake that has fallen or will fall in the future is different. Weather can be predicted, but can never be ascertained exactlyWeather 2 beforehand. As a pilot, I would have diligently inquired, from meteorological services, ahead of my journey, regarding on route weather. The only thing that was certain was the fact that the predictions were never what you experienced along route. As a pilot I also experienced that whilst I was high in cloudless skies, below me there were storms raging.

With my feet safely on the ground, I took the wisest advice I ever received, “Everywhere you go, take your weather with you”. Since that time, I have done just that…..whatever the forecast, whatever weather I was experiencing, I just enjoyed myself! Yet, how often do we hear ourselves and others complaining about the weather? We complain as if weather must be obedient to us and our particular need at that moment. What about my washing – it won’t dry!  My sports day is ruined – the list is longer than all of time.

Weather“Everywhere you go, take your weather with you” I have used this as a guiding principle in my life, not just for weather.

The next difference I want to consider is natural phenomena:  earthquakes, cyclones, volcanoes and many, many more.

Living on top of a gold rich vein where mining has taken place for more than a century I am very familiar with strong earth tremors, but not at earthquake proportions. However, strong tremors are bad enough, when your feet can no longer relate to gravity!  With earthquakes, God and those poor souls who have experienced such phenomena can alone identify with the horror and aftermath destruction of that experience.

I have experienced cyclones with their devastating effects and have been grateful that I and mine escaped them with no serious injury and loss of life. Yet the damage to Cycloneproperty was great and human fear was at an all time high.

As for volcanoes, I have only history to lean on. None of us can imagine being a Pompeian when Vesuvius erupted, so many eons ago.

Yet, none of us can say that any of these events, so many over time, can be said to be anything other than – different in their timing,  intensity and all performing the continued evolving process of the universe.

Yet, in all of this does the human soul cry, “Why me, why us; why does God allow such horror to befall us”?

At last, we arrive at the most important difference – humanity.

I have left humanity until last, for one single reason, that it is the most important.

It seems we can accept differences from most sources, with sometime dissatisfied toleration – except when it comes in the form of differences found in our fellow humans.

Differences in color, creed, culture, language, social status, physical Humanityappearance,physical/mental impediments; again the list is without end.

Based on whether we choose to hide our outward or inward acceptance or nonacceptance of difference in a fellow human, this will result in that human being able to relate or not to relate to us.

Wouldn’t you agree that a vast percentage of our assessment of our fellow humans is based on sight and sound?

If we meet someone who is good looking, same culture and skin color as ourselves, with obvious breeding and personality, we immediately relate to or even ‘like’ that person, without knowing anything about them?

However, if the reverse is true and the person we encountered was different from us in any way, or many ways. If they were taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, whiter, darker etc. etc. what would our reaction be? Would it be rejection of the difference/s and as a result, the other person?

Would it be that we view from a position of competition (or non-competition) as opposed to creativity?

Competition says, for example, “She is more beautiful, slimmer, taller, and more affluent than me”.

Creativity says, “She is the kind of person I would love to get to know”.

Competition says, “He is of another culture and can’t communicate well”.

Creativity says, “His life and origins can enrich me in many ways, I’d like to get to know him.”

Competition says, “They are socially very different from me and we have nothing in common.”

Creativity says, “I wonder how I can enrich their lives”?

If we view all of the inanimate creation surrounding us with creative thoughts, accepting their difference, then why don’t we accord the same to our human counterparts?

It would be a good experience for each of us, in our immediate world, to imagine what it would be like if we were to see each other in a creative way as opposed to a competitive way, where we would not see difference – only potential?

Can you imagine what a change it could bring about in the world?

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