You ADD Too?

Sea Shore

“We spend time in our dreams, our special world where everything is on our side”


I dream of visiting faraway islands on distant shores, lying on a beach, engrossed in my favorite pastime – dreaming.

“John, are you dreaming again”! my teacher yelled. She must have said that to me, what seemed like a hundred times a day. My classmates laughed, as they always did and left me wondering if there was something wrong with me. Why did I seem to quickly lose interest in what was being discussed in any kind of group discussions and  simply prefer to gaze out the window and let my mind take me where it would?

Action, seemed to be the only thing that pulled me away from my dreams. I loved my athletics, tennis swimming. Next to this was debates, drama, discussion, particularly when I was the central figure.

As a youth I discovered the thrill of owning sports cars ski boats, alcohol, dating and loose behaviour.

Later, I looked for adrenalin hypes; water ski racing, flying airplanes, the list seemed endless.

I was unaware at the time, that whatever pursuit I indulged in, soon seemed to lose it’s appeal. The worst of this situation was, that included my relationships. Whilst I managed to hold onto one or two true friends, mostly my company consisted of fun seeking followers who enjoyed the party spirit and any thing else exciting, that keeping company with me, offered.

One day, whilst reflecting on my life, something I had never done, I realized that there were certain consistencies in my life; I loved telling stories, reading books; teaching and motivating others. On the negative side, I did not enjoy the work I was doing which, by the way, was all in the name of ‘making a living’.

Then I did an inventory of myself:

  • I was a spiritual man, which means that, I believed that one day when my body died, my soul and spirit would move into a new way of living, so I devoured any information that brought me into a deeper understanding of this philosophy.
  • I was a person who wanted to accomplish my dreams.
  • I procrastinated consistently.
  • I was not disciplined
  • Whilst I had goals, they were not measureable.
  • I was meticulously clean on my person and neat in my surroundings (to the point where “no tidy no function’)
  • I always dressed fashionably.
  • I was dissatisfied with my life.

One day, a friend mailed me, I’m sure she must have discerned some aspects of my life. “John” she said, “I recently went to a Psychiatrist, who diagnosed me as ADD”.

Now, my friend is a degreed academic and a successful business person. Her counsel was worth considering. She referred me to her practioner.

The practioner, a specialist, who had written many papers on the subject, declared me ADD!

His prognosis was an on-going treatment of drugs and a strategy for dealing with my ADD symptoms.

Due to limitations on my medical benefits, I very soon had to abandon the suggested program.

With aid from the modern day miracle of the internet, I assessed my own situation.

My findings?

Yes, a strategy is necessary for us ADD’s – true.

But what will work best?

Let’s start with me.

In any morning I get up. Do my exercises, pray and meditate – all good.

On arising from my exercise mat, I proceed to making coffee for my very special partner and I. As I set about making the coffee, I remember that there is an important message I need to send to one of my principals. So I jump up to send the message. Whilst I’m doing this, I see a couple of other messages that demand immediate response (!), and then I realize, I must have a pee, before it’s too late…. My partner is a gentle woman, but gentleness has its limits, “ Darling, is the coffee ready”? She inquires. Because I love My Woman, I rush to the coffee and, guess what… it’s cold and my messages remain unanswered!

Fortunately, I have a forgiving Woman.

Okay, I’m convinced, I’m ADD!

But, I am creative, fun loving and excited about my future. I most certainly enjoy every moment of my life. I experience a kind of confusion, drifting from one thing to another, but let’s knock that off to being a ‘multitask-er’.

I suppose a short summary of my situation is that I am gratefully confused.

After reading this….what do you think, are you gratefully ADD?

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