Dreams Are Good

I have a habit.

I love dreaming, not talking about the sleep kind, I’m talking about drifting off at various times in the day, whether it be whilst I’m working, eating, driving (be cautious Daydreamwith this one), eating and so on. Sometimes, embarrassingly,  I even drift off whilst in the company of family and friends. I believe the official title for this practice is, ‘day-dreaming’.

I can distinctly recall that this habit started, from the time of my best recollection of life’s experience, at seven years of age.

It got me into a lot of trouble in the classroom, my teachers said, “John is a dreamer, he is inattentive and lacks concentration”. The dinner table was much the same experience.

So where does an avid dreamer go, when they disappear off the radar and go into that mysterious place of ‘dreaming’? You may recall the lyrics from Peter Sarstedt, who asked the same question:

“But where do you go to my lovelyPeter Sarstedt
When you’re alone in your bed?
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do”

As a certified dreamer, I say ‘certified’ because a Psychiatrist diagnosed me ADD and on that day my personal dreaming gave me medical classification.

But for those who are serious about dreaming and are not put off in the slightest about medical labels, let me answer the question; where do I go to when I drift off?

I enter the fantastic world of creation. Where I am the creator of the script and direct the characters on the stage of my award winning play.

Mostly my creation has it’s outlet in writing; short stories (whilst I learn how to stretch them into novels), poetry, and reviews. But once I started to log my daily creativity in all its various forms and the flow of opportunity that moment by moment entered into my life, I realized, that creativity has no limits with me.

My conclusion is this: For all my life, I have been going into the wonderful world of creating in my mind and if this is ‘dreaming’, I don’t want it to ever stop thank you.

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