Adapt or Die!

Adapt or Die 3

If we don’t adapt to our environment, whether this is geographical, political or socially speaking – we won’t necessarily die physically; but what is almost certain is that we will die to such important issues as opportunity, excitement, discovery, fun and I’m sure you could think of many more.

All earthly beings face the issue of change, moment by moment, in their lives. There are many constants in the lives of humans, for example: night and day, taxes and changes, just to name a few.

Changes WILL take place, whether we accept or reject them.

Adapt or DieWhat is of singular importance is; how we deal with the changes. Someone once said, “It’s not what we experience that’s important, it’s how we deal with the experience”.

Take, for example the experience of viewing news-feeds on TV, the internet. Media, like any other commodity in the world, must sell; if it doesn’t, then it loses market share. Strangely enough negative news sells much better that positive.

Any intelligent and forward-thinking individual would investigate news items before buying into them, especially with the above in mind.

Getting back to ‘Adapt or Die’; at present our country is facing daily ‘load shedding’ of the Utility in the distribution of its electricity and according to media reports, this promises to affect our water supply, as pumping stations operate on electricity.

Our media is having a crazed time of broadcasting ‘doom and gloom’ to the nation.

Whomever you talk to, only wants to address this subject, ad nausea. Complaining about the Government and the “incompetent” Utility. The ‘blame game’ has become a national sport.

Adapt or Die
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Bottom line is, if we don’t adapt we will die.

I am not certain of what the solution is, but I am certain of this:

If every person set about a 21-day (time required to form a new habit) project of:

  1. Each evening, finding just three things that they can think of and say, “I am grateful for…” Write these down in a notebook.
  2. Express gratitude for what our Government/Utility does provide and write this down in the notebook.
  3. Do not listen to any negative stuff, whether it comes from news-feeds or individuals.
  4. Get a small strip of bright red material and place this in your pocket or purse. Every time you meet someone who speaks negatively or complains about the Government/Utility, wave the piece of material in front of their eyes and tell them about the project you’re on.
  5. Share this blog on your Facebook page and with family/friends.

Finally, sit back and watch the current negative situation change.

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