Holi-Day of Sir Peter James and The Layde Scarlett.

 On a fayre day, that bold knight, Sir Peter James, did journey to the lands end in his trusty carriage, the Bee-Em-Thrubble-Ewe, with six trusty steeds at the fore.

He rode with his layde, The Layde Scarlett, Princess of all Albertinshire.

That bold knight did leane over to his layde as she slumbered to the rythyme of the swayeing carriage. He whispered to her eayr, ‘My Layde, my love for thee is indeed greatere that that of my lyfe, sleep on and rest thy soul”.

HolidayThey did journey to the countrye home of Lorde MacIlwayne of Southbroomeshire-Upon -Seeye, at the behest of that great lorde.

Upon their arrival, they gazed to the seeye and the beauty of its shores. There was much celebration on their arrivale and being led to their chamber, they were implored by the Lorde MacIlwayne, to slumber awhile to rest their bodyes and souls. ‘For surely tonite there shall much celebration at the arrival of this bold knight, Sir Peter James and his layde, the Princess of all Albertinshire.

Squire Mattheus

There were a feaste to behold that nighte; much fayre at tables and Squire Mattheus made fine pizzarye and merry tyme was had by all.

The knight led his layde to the parapet and they gazed upon the bejewelled ocean lite by moonbeams. That Knight, Sir Peter James, did go on bended knee before his layde and kissed her faire hande, “It is thee for whiche my heart cries, my layde”. “Rise, Sir Knight, for thou art indeed a king and how shall a king kneel before his layde”?  “Yea, my layde, it is true as you say, but shall a king not bow before a goddess”? “Indeede My Lorde thou art a king, but I am not a goddess; I am thy layde”.

That knight tooke his layde by hand and they felt the sands beneath their feet and the cool seeye washing over them. They journeyed into the waters and that Knight held his layde close; she gazed upon his eyes and beheld the stars within, “My Lorde she cried, I love thee with a love that no woman has ever loved. Sir take thy woman to her heavene I implore thee; my bed awaitith for my Lorde and I”.

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