Things learned Along Life’s Way – Part Two

The Watcher.

The Watcher always looks at every aspect of life from a distance, as an observer, if you will. Never becoming caught up in anything, always watching from a distance.


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I have discovered that the single most important facet of my life are my relationships. If I were wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, how would I value my life without my spouse, my children, my friends, my workmates?

As with my garden, where I am welcomed daily by all that live in that space, so it is that my spouse and family are always pleased to see me each morning, pleased that I am alive. They miss me when I have to go away for periods, they are joyful when I Relations 2return. They care about me; they care for me. To them I am not a number on a gate; I am the gate……leading to unconditional love, provision, protection; the list is a long one.

I say to the sun when she rises in the early morning, “I am loved, truly loved, no strings attached, just loved for who I am.

If I were to fly into the heavens this day, on my very last journey, I shall celebrate, because I know that I was loved and that I in turn, was loved”.

I shall fly into the everlasting, knowing that those left behind, whilst missing my presence, will remember me for who I was in their lives and whilst memories will fade, they shall never be lost.

Yes, relationships are the true treasure of life. If I were to seek other treasures in this life, on their discovery, I would find them fickle, not caring if I were in their presence or away in a far place. They would not care for my heart, or give me sustenance for my body, not give warmth and comfort in my bed at night.

They would never be true, always seeking the highest bidder, coquettishly inviting others to share their presence; always distant, never caring, cold to the touch.

Yes, relationships are the finest treasure in life, but like my garden, they require, daily, moment-by-moment nurturing. Mostly they need to be filled with love. The spouse must always be certain that they are loved for who they are and be told such, every day. The spouse must know that they have a partner, like their shadow, which will never leave or forsake them.

The child must feel wanted, from the very moment they take residence in the haven of Mother’s womb. The child must be raised to believe that they are the most special Motherperson in the lives of the spouses. The child must be taught all the skills of life, the characteristics of strength, courage, faithfulness, gentleness, compassion and understanding for all fellow humans; to all of creation animate and inanimate alike.

Friends and workmates should be encouraged, understood and where needed coached in this walk through life. These occupy the briefest time in our relationships, but they deserve your quality in that brief time. They deserve your trust, without having to earn it.

With all these relationships the hallmark must be respect – absolute respect, without demanding it in return, just giving respect – unconditionally.

Treating all relationships in this manner will give identity and expression to God, by whatever name such God has in your life.

‘Things Learned Along Lifes Way’ is a series, published bi-monthly

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