The Gravy Train – Part Two

Gravy Train


I finished off Part One, last week with this statement:

How do you make your lap available?

It’s a very simple process called, ‘looking for opportunities’. Once you embark on this process, you will be nothing short of astounded by the amount of opportunities that cross your path, almost every second of the day.

Before we discuss the process, let me mention something rather important here.

Maybe you are like me, where you have this ‘light bulb’ moment, you decide to try out a new idea that read about, or heard of from someone else and the next Light Bulbmorning, you got caught up in what seems like a million other issues and forgot about your ‘brilliant’ idea. So your good intention got washed down the drain with, by now, millions of other ideas.

Does this ring a note of truth in that busy mind of yours?

Anyway, here’s the good news; I always adopt this approach:

  1. Don’t beat yourself to death over your perceived failure to follow a good idea and yield to that horrible expression – ‘I am a prrocrastinator’!
  2. Start again, with this statement I am an ‘acctionatorr’! (Even sounds better, would you agree)?Action

Eckhart Tolle says that the only time that exists is NOW, the rest is illusion. (i.e. there is no ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’).

Okay, that out of the way and having replaced the ingredients not required for the recipe, lets gather the ones that are (above – just in case you have lost your way) and let’s begin with the method.

Buy a little note book; if you South African, we have an amazing store called PNA. They offer a great selection of notebooks of many exciting colours and sizes. Pick aNotebook small one, preferably with a ring binder. Buy some labels and write on one label, “Opportunities”, paste it on the front cover.

Then buy a clutch pencil with an eraser at one end. Eraser is essential, because if you like me (chances are pretty good that you are) you are always getting better ideas as you write and need an eraser, to make way for the new ideas. Lastly, slip the clutch pencil into the ring binder, so it’s always there when you need to notate your light bulb idea. Warning: always write your idea into the notebook immediately, if you have to go and look for a pencil, by the time you get back to the notebook, ‘poof’ you have forgotten the idea!

Well done, congratulations, you have made the first step to a new life – trust me its true!

Now, the next step is to put the notebook in a position where you are able to make IMMEDIATE notes. Mine even follows me into the bathroom; these days I take NO chances!

Now, these ‘light bulb moments’ have another name – OPPORTUNITIES. Yes its true, they are!

By the way, whenever you make a note in your little book, always start by writing the date – first. Then write your idea down, leave as many lines free as were taken up by the idea and then rule it off.

Each moment of the day, or night, keep the little book close by and keep writing.

Whenever you find that you have acted on any of your notes, then starting with the date (this is very important – and you’ll discover later why) and write down what action you have taken under the original idea.

One of the first things you will discover is how many opportunities come your way in each 24 hour cycle and secondly, how many you act on, thirdly, how successful you are becoming.

Yaay! You are now on the path of great accomplishment – well done.

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