The Gravy Train

Gravy Train

You and I are living in one of the most exciting ages in history.

Do you agree with this statement and does it excite you?

This is the age of discovery – discovery in almost every dimension of our daily lives. Science, anthropology, the human mind, medicine, human behavioral science, earth and environmental science, mechanical science etc. the list seems to be endless.

The most important thing at this time is: How much a part of this dynamic thrust are you?

What does ‘gravy train’ mean? I think a fair translation of this jargon expression would be: ‘the gain of monetary and or material benefits for doing nothing’.

The next question would be: What gain are you receiving from this age of discovery? Truth is – a great deal actually and you didn’t have to lift a finger to achieve this. It just seems to ‘fall into your lap’. For all of us, simply eating and drinking, using our mobiles, tablets, laptops, the internet, driving our cars, visiting the doctor, having a life saving operation – just to name a few of these precious benefits we enjoy, all without out giving a thought as to how we gained them.

Considering this, I’m sure you would agree, in all honesty; you fit into the definition of being on the ‘gravy train’.

Now, listen to this….just accepting what falls into your lap is only a teensy-weensy portion of what the gravy train is all about. There’s much, much more…

You will be surprised to know that, here on this earth, there are aliens in our very midst. These aliens, about one per cent of the world’s population are making fortunes out there, without, seemly, lifting a finger to do so.

“What”! You gasp, “Are you serious”?

Of course, I’m always serious, except when I’m being humorous; but at the moment I am not being humorous.

If you are African as I am (meaning ‘born on the continent’) then you could be forgiven for saying that politicians are ‘on the gravy train’; just a reminder of the definition: ‘the gain of monetary or material benefits for doing nothing’.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying politicians are aliens (Although sometimes their behaviour would suggest otherwise) nor am I suggesting they do not earn their keep; but for the most part, you must admit, they give new meaning to the expression, ‘gravy train’.

Forgive me, I got waylaid. Getting into a more serious vein what are you and I doing about getting our spoonful of the gravy train (shouldn’t that be ‘boat’)? This may seem like a contradiction in terms, whereas, if something falls into your lap, you hardly have to be ‘doing’ anything to get it; but be fair, the very least you can do is make your lap available, as did Moses and the Israelite’s of old, ‘gathering manna in the desert’!

How do you make your lap available?

It’s a very simple process called, ‘looking for opportunities’. Once you embark on this process, you will be nothing short of astounded by the amount of opportunities that cross your path, almost every second of the day.

This article is becoming longer than I planned, so please join me next week for the final part.

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