Wits fostering entrepreneurship?

A great article EJR and typical of your style, hard hitting and to the point.
SMME’s are a powerful tool in the relief of the jobless in our country.
You have a good collection of topics and an effective grasp of writing style. Well done.

The archive of Elizabeth-Jane

Who is your target market? Do you have contacts that can give you access to capital? Do you have a space or a location to sell your product? These are the age old questions any new business has to answer before it can even start up. For the young student entrepreneur many of these answers point to the Wits University community and its campuses.

8_EntrepreneurshipFeature 1.JPG The piazza in front of the Wits Great Hall is a large open space that can be used to expose student entrepreneurs.                                                                                                           Photo: Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose

It’s not hard to imagine: Wits’ large open spaces…

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