Babies & Border Posts – Lilongwe, Malawi

You have come a long way young man and you will reach dreams beyond what you believed: Per Aspera Ad Astra.

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Since I started this blog, I’ve had quite a few readers ask me questions like “The first time you left your country, where did you go?” or “What was your first international trip like?” The truth is that I don’t remember.

The best people to ask are my parents, Raymond & Kathy. Here is their answer.

Nine months pregnant Kathy, is starting to feel uncomfortable now and we expect that something should happen soon, by God’s grace. We are about 500km from the hospital that she has been booked into, but the Lord knows!!



Praise the Lord! Two weeks past the due date, Kathy and I are blessed with another little boy. We have decided to name him Daniel Stephen. His birth was another wonderful testimony to the Lord. Although Daniel was the heaviest of all the children, his birth has been the easiest. The doctor, a precious…

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