“The energy of the Lovebird is an expression of the beautiful unconditional love that can exist between two soulmates. The attraction of soulmates for one another is extremely powerful and can transcend many apparent cultural or man-made obstacles – such as age, religion, race or sex.

The soul wants to bring the two parts of itself together and the two people involved feel the tremendous yearning to implode into oneness. However, part of the challenge of the soulmate relationship, is to love the beloved so unconditionally that one truly wants only that which serve him or her the most – and sometimes physical union is not appropriate. It is the greatest gift one can give another soul – to love that person so unconditionally, that one can discern when it is appropriate to claim the beloved for oneself, or when it is more appropriate to let go and slip away”.

‘The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom’Lovebirds 4

Jane Toerien & Joyce van Dobben

I had a dream the other night, where I was given two green coloured birds in a cage and told to care for them.

The cage was hanging from something (It might have been a branch, I could not tell) and I was standing alongside it. Suddenly the area, in which the cage was hanging, was engulfed in flames. I was panicking, but could not reach the birds to save them from the flames. It was very strange, that as I was consumed with fear and guilt for not managing to protect my charges; the birds were quite unconcerned and the flames did not seem to harm them.

I awoke at this point, in a cold sweat and thankful that it was only a dream.

At breakfast the next morning, my partner, on hearing about the strange dream, went to her bookshelf and produced ‘The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom’, saying that it was lovebirds that were green in colour. She read the above description on page 111 of the book. I was completely taken aback at the article, but like my partner, was left wondering about the meaning of the dream.

Lovebirds 3Is there anyone out there that has an idea of the meaning of this dream?

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