Book review: The Lost Boys of Bird Island

History shows that all political systems have their cupboards filled with skeletons; most, that were the result of terrible tragedy, often for millions of people. Yet, in every age, there are women and men who rise to the challenge of exposing these horrors; even if the result is the loss of their own lives……..

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Originally published in the Wits Vuvuzela on August 25.

bird island

The death of author Mark Minnie, under suspicious circumstances, has renewed interest in his recently launched exposé The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which shines a light on the dark underbelly of some of South Africa’s twisted apartheid leaders.

Reading like a James Patterson murder mystery, Minnie and his co-author Chris Steyn weave together a horrifying tale of alcoholism, sexual predation and paedophilia.

Spanning 20 years from 1987 to 2007, The Lost Boys identifies National Party (NP) ministers Magnus Malan and John Wiley together with businessman Dave Allen, at the centre of an elaborate paedophile ring which saw the exploitation of young coloured boys who were given drugs, money or alcohol in return for sexual favours.

The tragic events occurred a mere 53km off the shore of the quaint coastal town of Port Elizabeth on isolated Bird Island. Minnie, who was…

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