The Making of Ironmen


“Brother: A person who is there when you need him; someone who picks you up when you fall; a brother is always a friend.” – Unknown.

We are Simon and Wayne, brothers who completed this year’s IRONMAN Ironmen 3 African Championship.Ironmen 2

The journey of training and completing an event of this magnitude is life changing to say the least, but when you can walk the road with your own flesh and blood, it gives it a greater meaning that is beyond words really – an experience we wouldn’t have missed for anything.

Having both been road runners for a few years, it seemed like a natural progression to give triathlons a go. After watching the 2017 edition on TV we were inspired by the ordinary people, just like us, finishing it. In the Ironmen 5excitement of finishing our first triathlons, we entered! Two brothers, one mammoth race!

As days turned into months, the training sessions became longer and so did the time we spent together. With our friends, Steve and Ruan, we laughed at each other falling off our bikes, pushed each other to run faster, learned to transition quicker and deal with the fear of swimming in the sea. Celebrating every little milestone and new PBs along the way.

It was exciting to watch each other slim down and get stronger; seeing confidence and belief grow as the big day drew nearer.

While the training was grueling, we were committed to keeping one another accountable; it has to be mentioned that there were a few conversations that went something like this;
“Did you go swim this morning?”
“No, I overslept. Did you?”
“What a relief! I overslept as well”

Ironmen 4

An unforgettable day awaited! Side by side, with the most nervous expressions on our faces, we gave each other the manliest hug we could and dived into the waves thinking we wouldn’t see each other during the race. However, we were fortunate enough to finish the swim at the same time and give each other a high five before entering the first transition. Each time we saw one another, we shared an indescribable feeling of mutual understanding of the pain and emotions of such a long slog.

We live with the memory of encouraging each other during those bike and run sections; knowing exactly how the other felt and shouting to keep going or to keep pushing. Finishing at different times, we both had our turn on the red carpet, hearing the words, “You are… an Ironman” before receiving our individual medals – but this will forever be… OUR Ironman!

As brothers, this whole experience has reinforced what is most important in life – the relationships with your loved ones! Our training and race worked wonders in our lives, not only cementing the bond between us but also strengthening our whole family through their support and encouragement.

We would like to thank God for our able bodies, our family & friends, Steve, Ruan, Coach Derick, the DTT group, members of Vaal Athletic Club and everyone else who helped us reach this goal.

Ironman global is for all people and it consists of IronGirls, IronKids; why not visit their brilliant site?

The above picture taken from the official Ironman Site 1970’s when it all began.

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