Becoming the Person you want to BE (Three).

Dreams 6

Following Your Dream

This is your dream now. (As I said in the previous blog I won’t talk about the things you and I want in terms of material gains, because that has not fully come about in my life) However, it should not stop you from writing out your bucket list, if you wish.

By the way, before reading this final article, read chapters one and two.

Let’s take the following steps then:

Step One: You will have to decide what you want. (Your investment capital).

What sort of person would you like to become and career-wise what would Self Development.jpg 3you like to accomplish, within the next year?

Step Two: Write down what you want, print it out in large font and limit it to one page. Make it easy to read from a distance and set it up where you will, with ease, see it each day.

Step Three: Buy a fun looking diary, there a lot of really interesting ones in PNA, I know, because I bought one at a very reasonable price and got a free desk calendar, thrown in.

Warning: do not use your existing diary or your tablet, mobile etc. Rather buy a diary and label it: “My Dream Journal”.

 Another Warning:  Hide it where no one else will see it. You’ve no idea how the sweetest of friends or family can destroy your dreams, by a few choice mocking words…..

Now each evening, write down in the journal, what you consider to be even the smallest steps you gained toward achieving your dream. If you can,  do it in bullet form, so it’s easy to read when you go over it at the end of each week and make sure you do go over it each week end.

At the end of each entry say, “I am so grateful for this progress that I have made”. The law of gratitude says that as you express gratitude, even for Self Development.jpg 2small steps forward you will achieve more and even greater steps ahead.

Final Step: Be patient and persevere – DO NOT GIVE UP. Remember this is only a twelve month project, after which you can decide if it is working or not. If it’s working then continue. If not, well, you would certainly have become a better, more disciplined person for the effort.Self Development.jpg 5

If you faithfully do what I have recommended, this is what you will discover: Slowly but surely you are making progress toward accomplishing your dreams. Why is this? Because, even if we make the effort to desire and believe in our dreams; if nothing is written down and followed in a disciplined way – we will forget and even lose sight of our dreams. But if we make the effort – WE WILL SEE THE RESULTS

I have done this exercise and it works. I see that I have already achieved several aspects of becoming the person I want to be. (I did this exercise for a year; saw change and decided to go for another year. Currently I’m on month 5 of the second year). I have started to visibly accomplish in my business and in my personality – I have gained real confidence and now see even greater success ahead. I have started to love and enjoy the work I do, even if it’s not what I want to do – that’s coming! I am excited about doing my business every day and eagerly looking forward to the changes up ahead of me.

I have a program of doing my stretch exercises, riding a stationary cycle, praying and meditating, each morning. I found that the squat and cycling exercises were tough going and certainly did not look forward to doing them, let alone actually participating! Then my partner suggested that I vocally affirm my enjoyment of these exercises and express my gratitude for being able to do them.

I had to smile  as I applied her advice; because, whilst outwardly affirming my enjoyment of the exercises in question, I was fighting them on the inside! Self DevelopmentHowever, gradually, in reality, found that I was truly enjoying them. It was the same situation with my work (I never enjoyed what I was doing and regarded it simply as a means to an end). Using the same affirmation technique, I saw big changes in my approach to doing my work and started to enjoy that too.


So then, why are you waiting? – Get going! Do it.

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