Becoming the Person you want to BE – (Two)

Dreams 6

Following Your Dream

As I begun to “put pen to paper” (so glad I don’t have to go down that road anymore, as my handwriting is quite illegible, so much so, that my Mother, thought I would make a good doctor).

A little earlier, I read on my PNA desk pad, “Always invest in your dreams” So, why don’t we do just that – invest in our dreams….

By the way, you need to read part one of this series, before continuing here.

I would not blame you if you felt that the whole business of having dreams for your needs and wants, let alone seeing them come into your life, is a lot of idle nonsense.

But never lose sight of the fact that because you do not believe in something – that does not make it untrue or impossible to reach. But rather it is how Person I want to be.html 2 you see something to be – not how it actually appears….

Let me give you an example. You read what is written here and say to yourself, this is a lot of garbage! Somebody else reads it, says its worthwhile trying, persists and sees a dream come true. What is the difference between these two different points of view? Simply put; how each person viewed the message in what they read.

Having put that out way then, let’s consider PNA’s wise words, “Always Invest in Your Dreams”.

Imagine at the end of the year you received an unexpected performance bonus of R1, 000,000 – wow, what a break! You now have a large sum of money for which you had no previous plans. Wisely, you decide to take only R200, 000 of the money to use for some things in your bucket list and invest the rest.

Now, if you are like me, you have not ever had to think of how and where you must invest this size of windfall and get the best return with security. For this reason I’m going to leave you with the exercise of deciding what the best thing would be for your nest egg.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize, especially if you’ve got a grain of sense in your crown, that you are going to give this exercise, a great deal of thought. Once done, you will keep a close eye on the gain you are expecting from your investment.

Dreams are no different.

I would think that all people have dreams about the kind of person they would like to be, but not all people have taken the time to squeeze these dreams into some form of particular order. However, a few have focused on Person I want to be.html 3what they want and condensed this into a way forward, which they follow with a passion, this ‘few’ will probably be about 1% of the world’s population! Only 1% has treated their dreams as investment capital – capital that must be invested wisely.

So why not join the 1%?

You want to?

Good, so did I.

I started like this;

Because I am a spiritual man, the person I want to be is spiritual. I have over many years, been privy to very profound spiritual knowledge and experience, not of my own doing, but simply born out of a dream. A dream to be a man who loved and related to my God (this is not going to be a sermon, so you can relax and read on).

I wanted to love Him intensely and know Him deeply; then to apply the outcome of this position to my day-to-day living. Why would I want this? Because my belief system has evolved my thinking to realize that, on accomplishing this dream, I would be an example of who God is (in an earthly sense); this state would honor God, be of great benefit to myself and my fellow humans.

My belief system also says that as I accomplish this dream in my life here on earth, all my material wants will be drawn to me as well.

This is my dream of the person I want to BE, doing what I am meant to do and getting what I want.

In the first part of this article I shared with you what Paulo Coelho said, “You must first BE, who you really are, DO what you are meant to do, then you will GET what you want”.

Be aware, at this point, your dream of the person you want to BE, must not be compared, to what I or others want – but to what YOU want.

You would have had to have walked forty years in my moccasins to desire what I desire, just as an example.

Once I could clearly define the man I wanted to be, I made my desire known and began to focus just on that man. A miracle occurred in my life and I witnessed daily changes taking place in my attitude and the way I wasPerson I want to be.html 4 behaving. Information started coming to me, as if I was in the hands of a highly skilled personal trainer, putting me through a life changing course.

Although this process has been gradual, certainly over the years, it has been steady in its happening and quite visible.

This is how, I can now, quite truthfully, share this with you, in the confidence of knowing that if you define the person you want to be, do what follows next, then you will experience your dream starting to become your life!

I will wrap this up next week, promise. It’s just that I did make a decision to limit these postings to +- 500 words, but once I get started the words just fly by and before I know it, I’m up to a 1,000 words plus!!

So, please bear with me again, until next week for the very challenging progress to Following Your Dream.

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