Gun-toting student sparks fear at Wits Matrix

It is the right of our students, throughout the globe, to study in safety. Any threat to this state must be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

The archive of Elizabeth-Jane

Originally published in Wits Vuvuzela, April 20, 2018

9_Fake gun Students outside the Matrix where the incident occurred.                 Photo: Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose

A male Wits student brandished a “fake” gun at the Matrix on Friday, April 13, sparking fear and anxiety in the Matrix which was full as it was a Friday afternoon.

Witnesses told Wits Vuvuzela that when they looked for someone with authority to report the matter to, they couldn’t find anyone and there were no security guards either.

“A student at the table next to ours pulled out a fake gun and waved it around,” according to first-year BA student Zakiyyah Mollagee, who said that the seriousness of gun violence should not be taken lightly.

“Seeing someone wave a gun around with little regard for what feelings might arise in the people around him angered me. It made me feel unsafe…

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